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H.M Real Estate a division of H.M Group Global is one of the leading property investment and asset managers. Under the strategic management of the holding in Pakistan. H.M Real Estate is able to secure its long term local presence in the key markets of the future.

The goal hereby is the development and management of a globally diversified and centrally managed real estate portfolio on behalf of the H.M investors.

H.M Real Estate as real estate specialists follow an active Buy-Manage-Sell strategy as part of our professional portfolio management.H.M Real Estate is successful through the diversification of its portfolio.

It distributes direct and indirect investments worldwide and provides commercial real estate in Pakistan. Its focus is on a range of utilization types: besides office real estate, retail real estate will also become more important in the future; residential real estate also belongs to the portfolio. With special utilization types, for example logistics real estate, H.M Real Estate prefers indirect investments.

Real Estate is all about “location, location, location.” H.M Real Estate offers a variety of location–based solutions designed for all segments of the real estate business such as map–based content management and sophisticated investment analysis.

Location-based analysis allows you to integrate a wide variety of data into one, common format—a map. Presenting your customers with a visual representation of all the information affecting the desirability and value of a property can give a far more accurate picture of a property’s suitability to their needs.