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H.M Carpets & Handicrafts a division of H.M Group Global is one of the leading Carpet & Handicrafts manufacturing and export concern in Pakistan.

We produce and export fine decorative handmade oriental carpets, rugs, kilims and Handicrafts with admirable quality, durability & beauty.

Our business not only concerns unique manufacturing of exclusive decorative carpets & handicrafts but we conserve and restore a large quantity of antique and semi antique carpets & handicrafts using natural products.
While considering the mood of our customers we try our best to fulfill their requirements by using best material, traditional & modern designs, adorable color schemes, high skills & experienced craftsmanship.
We grasp the attention of our customers by using traditional & also modern & latest color schemes in our Carpets and rugs, which fit to their interiors. Traditional carpets have their splendid beauty & historic glory & quality which penetrate into hearts. We are determined to keep this ancient art of craft alive.

We research extensively and carefully inspect, evaluate, clean and restore every item that is added to our inventory.
We specialize in Single Knot & Double Knot Qualities as well as Flat Weaves and Durries.

We use different fibers and fiber blends including handspun Wool, Twisted Wools of all sorts be it Fine New Zealand or Locally procured Pakistani Wool. We also use Silk, Viscose and other Natural Fibers in our handmade rug production.
We are exporting goods to U.S.A, U.K, SOUTH AFRICA, AUSTRALIA, ASIA and EUROPE. We are glad that our customers all around the globe are satisfied & happy with us & the numbers of our customers are increasing day by day. We are receiving outclass feedback from our customers, so we find our company the most reliable & prompt to serve you.
We have Manufacturing capacity of up to 6000/- sq.meters per month of all qualities.We are introducing “Modern Management Techniques” of integrated approach to achieve the maximum output in minimum time.

We have R&D department, which is continuously working on developing new collection design, processes, material and introducing new trends according to the requirements and establishing the existing ones.
As the natural colors attracts attention and fascinate more than the artificial colors so we have our own vegetable dying unit, tremendously working for natural colors.

The Material we are using is of best quality and totally in according to the set standards of our industry.
We are maintaining special quality manuals to run our process and we make special changes according to the advancement in the technological and industrial world.

We want to become a leading manufacturer of the world by creating attractive and unique designs adopting innovative techniques and endeavoring to produce for carpet & handicrafts loving people.